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About Us

The Law Office of Saeed Mahallati, LLC is a litigation practice committed to providing everyday people with effective, aggressive legal representation throughout Georgia.  Exceeding client expectations through favorable results, zealous advocacy, attorney accessibility, attentiveness, and creative lawyering is the rule at this firm –not the exception.  We handle all client matters with optimal care, consideration, and intensity from consultation to conclusion.

This firm will fight vigorously on your behalf until justice has been dispensed, regardless of whether your case involves:

  • felony/misdemeanor criminal charges;
  • DUI/DWI offenses;
  • traffic violations;
  • personal injury;
  • divorce;
  • child support/custody; or
  • workers’ compensation.

The firm’s founder, Saeed S. Mahallati, Esq., is well-versed in Georgia civil law and criminal statutes.  And he has already built a solid reputation in the community as an aggressive trial attorney capable not only of outstanding results, but also of keeping his clients satisfied through every step of the way.

At this firm, our principal mission is to level the playing field that is corrupted far too often by insurance companies and big corporations.  When the stakes are high and against your favor, you need an attorney who takes each case personally and is ready, willing, and able to stand in your shoes and champion your cause.

When you hire the Law Office of Saeed Mahallati, LLC to protect your legal and/or constitutional rights, rest assured that you’ve chosen wisely.