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Mediation is an informal resolution alternative to going to court. In mediation, the say of both parties involved in a dispute are prioritized over anything else. A neutral third party, known as the mediator, assists both parties in reaching a resolution that both parties believe is adequate and fair. A mediator’s role is not to decide on the final resolution but to ensure that both sides have had the opportunity to be heard and understood. Mediation fosters and environment of resolution and avoids the hostility that is generally associated with other methods of dispute resolution methods.


Mediation can be very beneficial to individuals seeking a dispute resolution for the following reasons:

Mediation provides the space for you to be heard and understood with the support of a neutral third party.
Mediation allows for the opportunity to hear what the other party has to say in a neutral environment.
You have a better opportunity to control the outcome of the dispute resolution.
The mediator does not have any decision making power when it comes to the resolution but will support you and the other party in reaching a fair settlement.
Mediation can help you reach an agreement without the hostile atmosphere usually associated with court.
Mediation can help foster communication between both parties.
The cost of mediation may be lower than the cost of prolonged litigation.


To adequately prepare for mediation, you must approach the process with an open mind but also know what is reasonable for you to expect before the mediation begins. Speaking to an attorney about the legal and non-legal aspects of the dispute before starting may help manage your expectations and prepare you for a multitude of outcomes. Both parties must properly understand what outcome they desire is and be willing to hear the other side out on the dispute to reach a successful resolution.